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North Avarin

North Avarin is the largest of the two Avarin continents. It contains a mountainous and coastal regions to the west, ruled by the Ronsari Dominion. To the east is a vast forest controlled by the Elvaan, with a grand city at the easternmost peninsula. The central plains region is controlled by the hume Kingdom of Avarin.

The Kingdom of Avarin

  • Capitol City: Ismurancast nigh Edge
  • Ruler: King Rylan
  • Home of the Church of the Four Crystals
  • Other notable cities: Portsmouth, Edgarton

The Ronsari Dominion

  • Capitol City: Ronsari
  • Ruler: Lord Sovereign Gherek
  • Notable Places: The Cardinal Gates (North, East, South, West)

Astaris & The Great Forest

Heavensgate Mountains

  • Separates the central plains from the Ronsari Dominion
  • Dwarven mountain city, ruled by a renegade Thane

South Avarin

The southern continent is ruled completely by the Corth Empire. The climate is temperate. The ruler of the Corth Empire is Emperor Corth. The empire consists of Humes, Bangaa, Tarutaru, and Dwarves which hold seats on the Imperial High Council. The large cities are ruled by imperial Governors.


  • Capitol City of the Empire.
  • Located in the Southcentral region of the continent
  • Home of the Imperial Palace, the Praetorian Guard and Central Command.


  • Largest city in all of Avarin
  • Located in the Northcentral region of the continent, directly on the sea
  • Cultural mishmash


  • Eastern region of the continent, near the sea
  • Home of the Imperial Research and Development Institute (IRADI)
  • Mostly a Bangaa city


  • Western region of the continent

World "Map"

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