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Final Fantasy: The Chronicles of Avarin

Welcome to Avarin, a Final Fantasy d20 Pathfinder campaign in development.

You are a mercenary for the Prismatic Phoenix Company, a mercenary company in Portsgaard, the largest port city in the Corth Empire. You’ve been training and honing your skills and are about to be deployed on your first mission as a fully fledged and licensed Imperial mercenary.

Character Creation

Players are allowed to be one of the following races:

  • Hume
  • Tarutaru (Lalafell)
  • Elvaan (Elezen)
  • Mithra (Mi’qote)
  • Galka (Roegadyn)

There are no restriction on classes with one exception: Summoners. Avatars & Summons will be addressed later in the game.

Useful Pages

World “Map”

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